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4:21 pm

Reach for your goals - Ironman and Pilates

In 2006, I decided to do my first triathlon. I was training a guy who had been racing for years. It was something I had wanted to do for a while but seemed out of reach. I ran cross country in high school and through out college for fitness. I had biked relatively infrequently, mostly as a form of transportation but the swim thing scared me. I mean, I could swim, or at least not drown..... Read More

2:47 pm


I had been teaching pilates classes and courses for a couple years as well as other fitness classes when I became pregnant…..with twins. Surprisingly enough, the twin thing didn’t come as a huge shock. I have twin cousins, twin great uncles and my husband as twin cousins. So part of me was expecting it. Read More

2:43 pm


My first introduction to pilates as I mentioned last week was the classical style of pilates. There are many styles of pilates under the pilates umbrella; polestar, classical, balanced body, STOTT PILATES, etc. They all started from the original works of Joeseph Pilates who, at the time, called it Contrology. It wasn’t until after his passing that it was known as pilates. Read More

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